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About Us

About Us

Looking for the perfect skincare solution?

Dewyglowy provides a love affair with skin care that lasts a lifetime. By curating high tech tools that are easy & safe to use at home, we are an affordable alternative to the spa.  By taking early action with our tools, you will delay or even eliminate the need to “fix” your skin later.

Why use Dewyglowy approved devices?

“There are so many companies selling high tech beauty gadgets!”

 We know, but here is a little bit about what makes us different…

  • Affordable - Beauty without the price tag (sounds dreamy to us)
  • Safe - Created with home usage in mind
  • Easy to Use - Eliminate hours spent trying to turn damn the thing on!
  • Great skincare - I mean who doesn't want an everyday facial?!
  • Hygienic - Your own personal device

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“I could just get a facial?”

Oh! Book us in! We love a facial as much as the next girl!

Sometimes though it’s not feasible. It’s costly, time consuming or banned during a lockdown…

Our products are a great everyday alternative for when you can’t hit up the spa.